NSU: German History X

Unfolding on Netflix  in German with English sub-titles, this three-part series deconstructs the rise and fall of the National Socialist Underground, a neo-Nazi terrorist organization in Germany, which murdered eight Turkish German citizens and one Greek immigrant between 2000 and 2006.
The story, inspired by true events, is told from three overlapping points of view — from the perspective of a band of neo-Nazis in Eastern Germany, of a Turkish family whose breadwinner is killed by these terrorists, and of the police and intelligence services investigation of their crimes.
This highly acclaimed drama mini series was awarded countless awards all over the world.

I was very fortunate to get to write the music for part two “The Victims – Don’t Forget Me” (“Die Opfer – Vergesst Mich Nicht”) with director Züli Aladag.

“This Netflix original drama is addictively compelling.” Sheldon Kirshner


Züli Aladag


Dr. Gabriela Sperl / Wiedemann & Berg