The Dark Valley

A lone rider arrives in a small high mountain village; nobody knows where he is from and nobody wants him there. Greider introduces himself as a photographer from America, and the town patriarch, Old Brenner, provides him with shelter for the harsh winter ahead. The village cut off by snowfall and barely a ray of sunlight reaching the valley, a tragic accident leads to the death of one of Brenners beloved sons. When another son is mysteriously killed, it is clear this is not a coincidence, and this visitor carries a secret with him.

Weber’s score is a natural extension of the prolific collaboration with Prochaska that started more than a decade ago – two simple main themes, one melodic and played by two celli, one a slow Passacaglia for string orchestra – combined with their signature electronic textures and interesting pulsating elements.

The movie won a multitude of awards, among them two for best music, a German Academy Award (“Lola”) and an Austrian Academy Award.

“The hills are alive with the sound of gunfire in this alpine revenge drama, a superior genre piece.” – –Stephen Dalton, The Hollywood Reporter


Andreas Prochaska


Helmut Grasser, Allegro Film Vienna
Stefan Arndt, X Filme Berlin

“Passacaglia Vindicta” – this flashback scene reveals the secret the valley has been holding for a long time…

“Doom Gloom Surprise” – Luzi on her way to make good on the promise…